About Us

At OMG Farms, we want to bring a healthy perspective to life with cannabis. Our mission is to redefine the cannabis landscape – not by focusing on what cannabis has been, but what cannabis will be. OMG Farms is a place where time-honored expertise is combined with technologically advanced methods to produce the finest cannabis oils and delivery methods.

Ultra-premium cannabis oil disposable vape pen

Preloaded with our very own blend of all natural CO2 ultra premium cannabis oil thats made from the finest cannabis flower in the state of California.

The Rooster is OMG Farms disposable vape pen. The Rooster comes fully charged and preloaded with our very own blend of all natural ultra-premium, CO2 extracted cannabis oil that is sourced directly from the finest cannabis farms in the state. The patented technology of these medical grade pens delivers a consistent, convenient and more efficient experience with significantly reduced failure rates compared to other brands.


The Rooster is the smartest and coolest thing to happen to cannabis in a long time. The Rooster vape pen gives you the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy cannabis oil.

– Aaron Silverman, CEO